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Frankie has been with Futbol Fanatics, Cuenca venue, since she was actually was a bit short of 3 years old (it was allowed at the time with a guardian). She even started Futbol before school! I honestly think that it has made such a big impact on her other activities and school too. She takes directions well, makes friends easily and is willing to stick to stuff until she finally gets it. She has learned that from her coaches Aiza and Jackie. They, along with Coaches Richard and Mark have always shown Frankie and many other little kids extra attention and have always shown them genuine care. I still remember them constantly taking her hand during drills and scrimmage just so she gets used to playing with the group.

As a parent, I appreciate the coaches being accommodating and the organization being timely with updates regarding any cancellations due to weather. Also the sessions of the little kids always make me laugh since they enjoy futbol so much and are having a good time.

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- Joyce Nazario mom of Frankie

“In the summer of 2007, Nate and Zach were introduced to the world of football. Before then, both Nate, who was 8 years old, and Zach, who was only 6, weren’t into any kind of sport. They loved playing with other kids but playing a competitive team sport is a different arena altogether. Coach Candice and Coach Avery are the best when it comes to sharing their knowledge on the sport to their kids. They have masterfully developed a football program that makes kids work and have fun doing it. You would see little kids run with the ball and giggle at the same time. With their creative drills, parents and bystanders would also want to join in the fun. Some youngsters may cry at first but eventually, because of the FF Magic, is now having the time of their lives—enjoying football with his teammates, with more chuckling and a little screaming. A once lonely kid stuck in his room now has the whole FF community—kids, parents, and friends—behind him, cheering for him, screaming their lungs out “Go! Go! Go!”


Zach is now 13 years old and continues to train with a yearning for more competitive matches. Nate is now a college student and a rookie of the De La Salle University Football Varsity team. Thanks to Coach Candice and Coach Avery and the Futbol Funatics Program, my kids have developed a passion and love for football like no other. They are now equipped with outstanding skills combined with the right attitude of fair play. Both of their passion and love for the game resonates to the kids as their mentor and coach through the years. I salute you Coach Candice and Coach Avery. Keep doing what you have been doing all these years. A million thanks for everything.

It has been a funtastic adventure for my kids …. through all the training and the hard work, through all the competitions they have won and lost, through the trips to Spain with the Football Immersion Program… you have built in them the skill they will need to go on with the sport and most importantly you have built in them the character of a good footballer.”

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- Dennis & Emily Alcantara, mom of Nathan and Zach

“My son Vitor has been with Futbol Funatics for about ten years now. Vitor developed great footballing skills, awareness, discipline and team spirit through the coaches of Futbol Funatics More than the skills the values they teach my son is what I like the most.They teach him to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. They have a good program my husband and I entrusted Vitor with them to go to Spain at a tender age of 9. Vitor has played for FF in Singa Cup as well. I am happy with how they run the Club. Win or lose it’s the club we choose for our son.”


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- Jennie Valdez, mom of Vitor

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